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Resources for MPOs

FHWA Self Certification 2019

FHWA Planning Rules Presentation April 2017


MTP Federal Regulation Checklist

TIP Federal Regulation Checklist

Regulation Comparison

Pilot TIP Amendment Threshold Policy- Approved by MTPA on 2/21/2017

2017 MDOT Long Range Transportation Plan Training  

"What is a MPO?" Presentation by Steven Stepek, KATS

Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act 

FHWA 2017 Emphasis Areas

Air Quality Ozone Update


Performance Based Planning 

Project Prioritization Procedures

Local Road Safety Plans

2015 S/TIP Information

2014 Annual Conference Presentations





Air Quality


Annual List of Obligated Projects - To be issued within 30 days of fiscal year end


Asset Management


Association Bylaws




Certificate of Cost Allocation Plan

Certificate of Cost Allocation Plan (only needs to be submitted with an updated CAP)


Climate Change


Consultation and Environmental Mitigation



Disclaimer Information (Requirements, when to use, examples)


Environmental Justice (EJ)

MDOT EJ Presentation from 2014 MTPA Conference (See MDOT's Title VI and EJ website for current EJ analysis)

Fundamentals of EJ webinar (recording of 10/26/2015 training) - This 90-minute training sets the foundation of what EJ is and why we do EJ analysis, and is a prelude to the 2/25 - 2/26/2016 in-person training that will focus on how you do an EJ analysis.  FHWA Resource Center delivered this training to Michigan MPOs and DOT.

EJ Screen - EPA's EJ Screening and Mapping Tool - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released a powerful environmental justice screening and mapping tool that uses high resolution maps combined with demographic and environmental data to identify places with potentially higher environmental burdens and vulnerable populations. EJSCREEN’s simple to understand color-coded maps, bar charts, and reports enable users to better understand areas in need of increased environmental protection, health care access, housing, infrastructure improvement, community revitalization, and climate resilience.




Livability/Sustainability (New!)




Local Agency Planning


Long Range Transportation Plan- 101

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21)


Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)


Model Training - January 2017 

Jackson Zip File - This file contains sample model files so the user can follow along with the video.  This file should be downloaded to the user's computer. 


MDOT Presentation to MTPA (at April 2011 meeting)

MPOs/MSA Boundaries



Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)


Operations, Advancing Metropolitan Planning for Operations


Performance-Based Planning / Performance Measures

AASHTO Proposal of Performance Measures - (Presented by Mark Van Port Fleet 2/19/13) 

Self-Assessment Tool for DOT and MPOs (Released December, 2014)


Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL)


Planning to Implementation



Safety Presentations and Speakers (as of November, 2014)


Security Planning


Third Party In-Kind Contributions in UPWP

Third Party Assurances (needs to submitted annually for each third party donating in-kind services when requesting prior approval to use in-kind contributions)


Transportation Funding

MDOT Brochures (At May 21, 2013 Meeting)


Transportation Planning - General


Tribal Planning (New!)


Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)


Urban Area Census Boundaries
Powerpoint Presentation by Mike Toth March 20, 2012
(Resource links within presentation)



Consultation Letter (from FHWA)

Consultation List (from FHWA)

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